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Objective: As a strategic investment consultant, 720 Global focuses on enabling our clients to raise their quality of service and increase profitability. Our services provide you with expertise in capital markets, macroeconomic research and analysis, asset allocation, valuation and risk management. 720 Global’s goal is to help clients attract new business and enhance investor retention.

Approach: Asset valuation is statistically the most important driver of investment returns. When considered jointly with the economic environment, and a proper risk management protocol, investment decisions become much more rewarding.

We believe investing is equal parts science and art and that the ever-changing landscape of global markets demands flexibility and collaboration with strong partners.  720 Global delivers results-oriented, creative thought and actionable ideas to help clients achieve their goals and separate from the herd.

Independence: It should be no surprise that most financial institutions offering economic or investment advice, both Wall Street oriented firms and others, operate with an inherent bias aimed at promoting their own products and objectives. They may not act in your best interest.

720’s success is determined by your success. We do not manage money for clients, nor do we have shareholders. Our sole purpose is to provide high quality information that adds to your intellectual capital and allows you to promote your firm and increase your appeal to existing and potential clients.

Experience: With over 50 years of combined experience in risk management, asset selection and portfolio management, we have successfully managed both institutional investment portfolios valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars and smaller retail portfolios measured in the hundreds of thousands. We have advised and served the powerful as well as the humble.  The manifestation of our collective experience is the desire to help those who help others. We assist in providing peace of mind to investors through our clients who steward their capital.


Please contact us at info@720global.com or call Michael Lebowitz at 301-466-1204 for more information.

Our official website can be found at http://www.720global.com

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